What is Acupressure and how does it work?
Acupressure is a 5000 year old oriental system of healing which uses finger pressure to integrate the body, mind and spirit. Holding acupressure points frees blocked energy like removing debris from a river. This alleviates the tension and discomfort and the body begins to heal itself.

What is Jin Shin Do® Acupressure?
Jin Shin Do® (the Way of the Compassionate Spirit) is the only acupressure method that is based on the Strange Flows even in the choice of its 55 main points. The special energy channels called the ‘Strange Flows’ rebalance the energy flows between all meridians.

Is your practitioner qualified?
Yes, Kozue Shirakawa is certified through the internationally recognised Jin Shin Do® Foundation for Bodymind Acupressure®.

For details on this association, visit www.jinshindo.org.

I have an elderly family member in a care home, will you do mobile visits and how does that work?
I currently do regular mobile visits to care homes and similar facilities.

The way it works is that I initially setup an initial consultation with you and the family member to discuss and discover their condition, their pains, etc… The purpose of this report is to allow me to focus on these particular areas during the session to help he/she experience some relief. Once these are documented, we can have a meeting together and discuss pricing, length of sessions, session frequency and I may answer any other questions you may have. After these preliminary procedures, I will recommend and I will start the visits.

As a caregiver, a treatment schedule works to make the engagement process as easy as possible as I know you are already inundated with things to do. I want to make this easiest possible for you and to make sure your family member gets the best possible session from me.

Why choose acupressure over other forms of therapy?
According to a client of mine, she chose acupressure over other forms of therapy due to the fact that it was non-invasive.  Her family member was over 90 years old and the last thing she wanted to do to keep her family member comfortable was to provide more oral medications.

What does Jin Shin Do mean?
Jin Shin Do® consists of three Japanese words. Each is denoted by a character or kanji, which is written in letters the way the word is pronounced.
” 仁(=Jin)  心(=Shin)  道(=Do) ”   can be translated as:
The Way of the Compassionate Spirit.


Why choose White River Acupressure services?
I truly care about my clients and I treat them as if they were of my very own family. When family members are too busy to pay a visit, I provide an update to them on how their family member is doing and more, I coordinate care for my clients with the nursing unit from time to time…. I reassure clients and their family members that they are in good hands at all times.

Where did the name White River Accupressure originate from?
The two Japanese characters of Kozue’s last name translate to ‘White River’ in English. White River represents the constant flow of energy rushing through the body.  “White river” is an expression of my passion for helping my clients heal themselves as well as fun which you could have kayaking on a white water river.  In Japanese the infinite flow of water flowing down the river to the ocean can also mean infinite and boundless love, like the passion that I have for this practice. These are all things that you will experince in my sessions.


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