What to expect:

You will be invited to lie on a comfortable massage table.

Please wear loose cotton clothing such as a jogging outfit.

A full session is approximately 60 minutes in duration, plus some transition time both before and after the sesion.

Each session is comprised of 3 parts:

1) Assessment

  • Clarification of requested treatment
  • Location of sore and tender areas

2) Rebalancing

  • Points in tense areas will be held with related points that are distant from the problem area, yet facilitate its release.
  • Local and distal point combinations will be held consecutively, beginning with the neck and shoulder segments.
  • You may enter a quiet deep state of relaxation or you may also wish to explore emotional issues.
  • Deep breathing facilitates the release of energy blockages. This will be encouraged.

3) Neck Release

  • A final neck release will allow all activated energies to circulate freely from head to foot.
  • A very calm re-balancing completes your session.


Each session is unique:
Each session is unique as it is specifically designed to accomodate the individual’s physical and emotional process. And people come to acupressure treatments for a variety of reasons:

  • To find deep relaxation
  • To help the body heal naturally
  • To have a confidential space and supportive assistance to process emotional confusion

Number of sessions recommended:
A series of sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) is recommended. Regular treatment will benefit both those with specific problems and those seeking general relaxation or healing.

Post session feeling:
A tingling sensation is often felt in the arms or legs, sometimes in the entire body. Frequently a feeling of FLOATING is experienced. One often feels more SUPPLE and CONTENT after a session.

How long does relief last?
Relief from tension and discomfort can be experienced for a few hours or days, or it can be long lasting, depending on the cause and the initial conditions. Insights about the bodymind connection that are gained during sessions can lead to a change in attitude and/or lifestyle, which can lead to a lasting sense of well-being.

Take the first step to feeling better, and reserve a session today!

“I felt Kozue’s love and sincerity being transmitted from the tips of her fingers. Her touch, gentle but firm and deliberate, expressed the care she was taking for me. I could tell that Kozue was tailoring the session specifically for me, in order for me to enjoy its utmost benefit. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a client of Kozue – she is a rare find! The session with her was the happiest and the most rewarding one and a half hours I have had in recent years. Thank you, Kozue!”
K.T. North Van